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Mid-AutumnMid-Autumn Festival,Festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals, is a symbol of the Chinese worldview. As designers, how we represent the “moon” is not only informed by our heritage, but influences our ideas about cultural memory. ‍DESIGN THINKING 1. How to link the Mid-Autumn Festival with our culture and living environment, while finding […]

Design is meaningful,meaningful, but it can also be meaningless expression. However, it is never nonsensical expression. Design is the primary underlying matrix of life, focusing on the unnoticed relationship in ordinary life and thinking the relationship between life and design. It lives in design and makes design living. — FRUSTUMFRUSTUM MAKING DESIGN MATTERS D esign […]

What contains in the dialogue? 200 minutes live video streaming with 60,00060,000 viewsviews in a single platform. This result is more incredible than we expected. O n March 8, Frustum OriginalME and Women Will, a Grow with Google initiative to help women be digitally literate, were hosting this “Her thoughts, her power” special online forum to […]

A ‘Great Reset’ is coming, but not for capitalism 在世界大重啓之下的首個世界地球日, Frustum 亦開始展開了對社會公共探索的新嘗試。而今年我們首個關注的命題,將會是「Sustainability 永續發展」

Culture memory is the base of personal identity and has great influence to human behaviors. Once up a time, one of the greatest Chinese poets, Su Shi had wrote:  TheThe moonmoon does wax, the moon dose wane. And so men meet and say goodbye. I only pray our life be long. And our souls together […]

我們最想問的問題是什麼? 不確定。 但關於自己的問題,只有自己會問。 30年前,英國朋克樂隊 BIKINI KILL 第一次提出 “Girl”Girl Power”Power” (女生力量)的概念:女生的力量來來源於她們保留自己的同時,也不懼向世界展示自己的能量。我脆弱,也堅強;我懷疑,也自信。這個口號向世

What is the Original ME? What is the girls’girls’ original me? What is women’swomen’s original me?​ T hirty years ago, the UK punk band BiKini Kill first mentioned the concept “girl power”, which has been seen as a slogan that encourages as well as celebrates women’s empowerment, independence, confidence and strength. After decades, we still […]

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