Mid-AutumnMid-Autumn Festival,Festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals, is a symbol of the Chinese worldview. As designers, how we represent the “moon” is not only informed by our heritage, but influences our ideas about cultural memory. ‍DESIGN THINKING 1. How to link the Mid-Autumn Festival with our culture and living environment, while finding […]

Design is meaningful,meaningful, but it can also be meaningless expression. However, it is never nonsensical expression. Design is the primary underlying matrix of life, focusing on the unnoticed relationship in ordinary life and thinking the relationship between life and design. It lives in design and makes design living. — FRUSTUMFRUSTUM MAKING DESIGN MATTERS D esign […]

Culture memory is the base of personal identity and has great influence to human behaviors. Once up a time, one of the greatest Chinese poets, Su Shi had wrote:  TheThe moonmoon does wax, the moon dose wane. And so men meet and say goodbye. I only pray our life be long. And our souls together […]

1999 年的一個夏天,花盡了兼職而來的工資去購入了屬於自己的第一台 CD PLAYER。那是一年反復只播放一張專輯年代。每到入夜,帶上耳機,反覆聽每一首音樂中的音、詞到編曲手法等等,也會以筆錄的方式去描繪下來。 [...]

抽象表現是對個體的內在思考和情緒的表達。文字就是一種極具抽象高度的藝術。人類的發展中,追求技術進步和對自身的思考就像兩條永恆的脈絡。過去幾千年,我們的祖先面對遙遠的黃色發光體,投射了自己對於「美好」的各種幻想,我們叫它「月亮」。 [...]

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