What We Could See And Create Through Identity

What contains in the dialogue? 200 minutes live video streaming with 60,00060,000 viewsviews in a single platform. This result is more incredible than we expected.


n March 8, Frustum OriginalME and Women Will, a Grow with Google initiative to help women be digitally literate, were hosting this "Her thoughts, her power" special online forum to celebrate the International Women’s Day. We were trying to read and think women’s identity and social attributes through human orientation and creation in today’s society. All those audiences’ enthusiasm let us see that in this day and age, the resource and money are no longer the exclusive economic drivers. Creativity and culture are becoming the new economic foundation as they could bring satisfaction to people’s inner works. 

The meaning of creationcreation and expressionexpression is to find an unknown objective with a group of passionate people instead of meant to be successful.

Surrounding by various social issues makes us question and reconsider more. We are used to providing “a solution” to solve the problems. But today we are asking for the “value of possibility” which would bring cooperation, discussion, and continuous revision. People here are not to accept a result but to find or create his answer or direction during the engagement. Those thoughts explained why OriginalME and Women Will decided to build a longterm cooperation relationship and what’s our vision.

OriginalME is a culture project that meant to discuss and explore “self-awareness” with female, youth and creator groups. These days, identity is more like a verb than a noun. It’s something that a constantly moving, ever-changing and routinely able from one shape to another. We want to inspire the motivation that comes within an individual, or we could call it a new model of participation at the application level: link the brands, content providers and communities all as the cultural developer.

During this process, design is no longer as a “mindset” but a trigger which would inspire “the creation of culture, philosophy, and social action”. It helps us to locate our role and responsibility meanwhile to develop a sustainable relationship with others. We call it “rich combinations”: simple ingredients, surprising taste.


In order to keep users’ interest and engagement, the brand needs to enhance users' value by providing various products and services. But now we let the audience decide “what are values” : the truly connect is caused by what’s users could create their own instead of what the brands could provide. It allows us to communicate constantly with various communities as we all think highly of “individual creativity” : it is clear that creation is important to those members as they recognize themselves as creators, and we are cultural operators who are providing help to make improvements.

Of course, the identity runs much deeper than personal creations, but while we navigate the “OriginalME”, it’s an adventure to explore the other side of self meanwhile to see the other side of the world through this journey. It’s good to see how, in some ways, those distinctions change without any expectations.

With the “OriginalME” topic, co-creation with diverse content creators would be our first ambition. At the same time, we want to create more cultural and social behavior-oriented products with communities and brands, which would be encouraging more user engagement, co-creation in different form and personalization through participation. It’s the initial motivation that we create “OriginalME” project but also would be the direction we contribute to the future.

“Participate yourself”, this is the way we create our life.“Participate yourself”, this is the way we create our life.

Words by Emma Wang

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