Zheng Zhenduo 125th Anniversary Exhibition – Exhibition Design & Curation

Zheng Zhenduo, was a Chinese journalist, writer, archaeologist and scholar, who made a significant contribution towards the establishment of Chinese literature and editing of a variety of publications.Frustum Design Gallery has planned a special exhibition presenting his collections, including books, letters, and other artifacts on the 125th anniversary of his birth, to pay tribute to his dedication and spirits. The exhibition was launched in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, where Zheng was born. His ancestral home has a long history and converges various cultures. The exhibition venue was a heritage building, it was like a microcosm telling culture and history silently. To combine the exhibition theme and the building harmoniously, Frustum Design Gallery curated the exhibition under four sectors, “Person”, “Operas”, “Books” and “Beings”.

Shanghai | Curating by Emma Wang
Creative Direction by Chester Lau
Art Direction & Graphic Design by Yoyo Yau, Chester Lau, Emma Wang
Editing & Content Creation by Emma Wang
Project Managment by Emma Wang
Communication & Project Managment by Ivy Hsieh
Exhibition Design by Frustum Design London & Shanghai
Art Coordination by Frustum Design Gallery
Type Design by Typeunit
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