GE Healthcare Join Pink 2023 Campaign - VI & Graphic Design

Join Pink is a CSR and internal employee campaign that was originally initiated by GE Healthcare and has a history of over 10 years. In 2023, Frustum team then planned an art exhibition themed "Experiences, Individuals and Emotions" in downtown Shanghai. More than 10 young artists from around the world were invited to create works that address the theme and express their views.

To make the campaign as sustainable as possible, Frustum Design has created a range of products based on the theme of art exhibition, including postcards jointly designed by artists, tote bags, brooches, etc.

London & Shanghai | Curating by Emma Wang
Creative Direction by Chester Lau
Art Direction & Graphic Design by Yoyo Yau, Chester Lau, Emma Wang
Editing & Content Creation by Emma Wang
Project Managment by Emma Wang
Communication & Project Managment by Ivy Hsieh
Exhibition Design by Frustum Design London & Shanghai
Art Coordination by Frustum Design Gallery
Typographic Consultation by Typeunit
We have been collaborating with the GE Healthcare team to launch their CSR campaign, Join Pink. Initially, we worked on the VI design and supporting visual elements. As the project progressed, Frustum Design provided ongoing consultation on the overall visual language to create a community where people can connect, share experiences, and offer support.

This symbol, which visually represents 'Join', has a memorable presence, highlighted by its detailed and flowing lines with the gestural quality of the human handwriting. It can also be intertwined with the type, passing through the counterspaces of the letterforms. Incorporating the name and letter in the symbol further strengthens this concept, emphasizing the collaborative and inclusive nature of the community it represents and fostering a shared bond among its members.
We created postcards with pink envelopes for exhibition visitors and artists. Each postcard features an artist, with each artist representing a distinct story of Join Pink, such as 'Experiences, Individuals, and Emotions' and more.

The Color Paper 'Gmund Ispira Rosa Fucsia 250 gsm' used for this packaging gives a sense of premium and high quality. The debossed logo adds sophistication, making it visually striking. The text in white screen printing creates a contrast against the pink background, enhancing its appeal.
We also created a leaflet for the exhibition. It tells a story that encourages a group discussion about the line between personal and shared experiences, highlighting the theme 'Experiences, Individuals, and Emotions' and its importance.
The VI Design is achieved by incorporating subtle details. We have expanded the use of the pink colour and these graphics to create a collection of design items, including exhibition graphics for the exhibition, promotional materials, and more. These collections have been showcased as a fresh concept of the Join Pink Lifestyle.
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