EXP. Brand Identity Design

The concept for EXP's brand identity design is inspired by the idea of breaking down borders and transcending national boundaries. The design is centered around a deconstructed national flag, symbolizing the removal of physical and mental barriers and the emphasis on unity and inclusivity. The brand name, EXP, stands for explorations, experiments, and expressions, highlighting the company's focus on immersive, hands-on learning. The design incorporates an inside-out movement, symbolizing the transformative power of experiences and the way they can shift perspectives and change individuals from the inside out.The imagery of a symbol is used to represent the vast array of experiences that EXP offers, with each point in the symbol representing a unique and enlightening experience. Overall, the design aims to convey a message of breaking down barriers, fostering unity and creating a sense of belonging for everyone, aligning with EXP's mission to empower individuals through transformative experiences beyond national borders.

London | Designed by Chester Lau, Emma Wang
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